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Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Overview - How to Use Shot of Octane

Learn how to get the most from Shot of Octane and why it works.

  • The 6 Reasons that the Shot of Octane videos work.
  • Sales Professionals - The Sales Professional video describes how Shot of Octane will help you improve your sales skills.
  • Sales Managers - The Sales Manager video describes how to use Shot of Octane with your Sales Team members.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Behavioral Style Selling - Using Your DISC Results

The DISC Assessment of Behavioral Styles is one of the most widely used tools to identify behavioral and preferred communication styles.

Knowing how YOU (or your team) behave naturally and adaptively is the first step in identifying the “Do’s and Don’ts” of effective communication with each of the behavioral styles that your customers possess.

If you have taken a DISC Assessment, this section will show you how to best use your results.

  • Overview of your results
  • Value of your results to your Organization
  • Checklist for Communicating and Selling based on your results

NOTE:  If you have NOT completed a DISC Assessment, you can still benefit from the videos in this section. You will understand how the principles of this system will help you better communicate with your customers and gain more sales.

DISC Assessments are available online for a nominal fee at  Results and a 20+ page report are available immediately after completing the Assessment.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Behavioral Style Selling - Your Fit with Customers

People are most likely to buy from someone whose Behavioral Style is similar to their own.  The DISC system identifies 4 basic Behavioral Styles: Driver, Influencer, Steady, and Compliant.

Even if you have not completed a DISC Assessment yourself, you can use the materials presented to determine your own style and the style of your customers.

Learn how to adapt your style to match your customer's style and win more sales.

This section includes:

  • Identify your Customer's Behavioral Style
  • Identify your Fit with your Customer's Style
  • Techniques to Match the Closing/Buying Styles of the Driver, Influencer, Steady, and Compliant
  • How to Follow Up with the Driver, Influencer, Steady, and Compliant

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Business to Business Sales - General Strategies

Business to Business sales is tough because these prospects have learned how to say no.  Many times, it seems impossible to even get to a decision maker.

Learn a proven system to get time with the people who can approve the sale.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Business to Business Sales - The Appointment

Business to Business selling presents a unique set of challenges after you have gotten The Appointment.  Learn how to approach your contact for sales success.

Then use referrals to earn even more business.

  • Secure the Walkaround
  • Next Step Process - Good, Better, and Best Approaches
  • Using the Decision Map
  • Identifying the Decision Maker and Decision Process
  • What to Do When You Don't Know the Answer
  • Asking for Recommendations

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Business to Consumer Sales

Let's face it, selling direct to consumers is becoming more difficult.  Because consumers have access to so much information, twenty minutes on the internet can make them feel like an expert. Instead, YOU need to be the expert.

Learn how to overcome their unique objections and solve their problems.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

FOCUS 5 - Efficient Planning for the Sales Professional

Even experienced sales reps can fall into the trap of over-committing themselves and under-managing their time.

These videos show a proven method of planning and execution so you can stay focused on your most important sales activities and do what you say you are going to do, even on the toughest days.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Foundational Sales Strategies

These videos are designed for someone new to selling who needs to learn a solid foundation of successful habits.  They are also good refreshers for experienced sales people.

Sales is about creating relationships that lead to trust through respectful communication and solving people's problems.  Until this is mastered, the rest is just noisy gimmicks.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

L.I.N.K. Networking Technique

Networking will always be a key piece to expanding your sales funnel. But, too often, sales reps get lost when networking and, while they have great conversations, they don’t get the information they need to qualify the lead or ask the right questions to bring value to that customer. L.I.N.K. will show you how.

  • Line
  • Interests
  • Needs
  • Knowledge

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

LIST Technique - Determine Customer Needs

Selling is not telling. Instead of spewing gobs of features and benefits that bore your prospects, the LIST technique helps you first diagnose what your customers’ issues are beyond price—the root causes behind them—and then work with them to identify and prioritize how you can best address their needs.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

On the Jobsite - Frontline and Operations Specialists

Sales Reps work hard to gain sales.  Get sales support from your Frontline and Operations Specialists.

We recommend that the On The Jobsite video series be viewed collectively by both the marketing team and frontline technicians to ensure everyone is working together for maximum results.

These 6 essential practices will ensure Customer Satisfaction, Repeat Business, Referrals, and 5-Star Ratings.

  1. Preparation
  2. Arrival and First Impressions
  3. Issues and Challenges
  4. Up-Servicing to Benefit the Customer
  5. Circles of Influence - Partner with Other Vendors
  6. Closing the Project

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale

One of the hardest areas of the sales process to master is Overcoming Objections.  It's a fine line between staying persistent and being pushy.

Most customers will have objections and sales professionals need to anticipate them and confidently know how to overcome them while putting the customer at ease.

  • Specific Objection Responses
  • Objections when Prospecting
  • Objections at Close - Price
  • Objections at Close - Delay
  • Objections at Close - Another Decision Maker or Committee
  • Objections at Close - Control the Next Step
  • Overcoming the Block at Closing the Sale

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Pre-Call Plan

Without a sales plan in place for each potential customer prior to the initial contact, you are wasting everyone’s time. The same way that professional sports teams plan for each opponent, you need to know what it will take to win each prospect.

Build a well-researched, step-by-step plan to win more business and grow sales.

  • Overview
  • Checklist (PDF copy included)
  • Step 1 - Objectives
  • Step 2 - Questions
  • Step 3 - Next Step

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Psychology of Selling: Principles 1 - 5

Make no mistake, selling is 90% mental. When you sharpen your ability to connect with others through psychology and understanding, your chances of building trust and closing the sale improve greatly. These videos will help you connect with your audience and make more effective presentations that resonate with them.

There are 20 Principles in this series.  The first set of Principles are:

  • #1  Trust
  • #2  People Like Others, Like Themselves
  • #3  First Impressions
  • #4  Visual / Vocal / Words
  • #5  Positive Pairing

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Psychology of Selling: Principles 6 - 10

The second set of Principles in the Psychology of Selling series.

  • #6   Reinforcement
  • #7   Social Proof
  • #8   Obligation
  • #9   Commitment
  • #10  Scarcity and Urgency

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Psychology of Selling: Principles 11- 15

The third set of Principles in the Psychology of Selling series.

  • #11  The Brain Works Faster than the Mouth
  • #12  Use the Customer's Language
  • #13  Old Habits are Hard to Break
  • #14  Alternate Choice Options WIN
  • #15  Learning Styles

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Psychology of Selling: Principles 16 - 20

The fourth set of Principles in the Psychology of Selling series.

  • #16  Walk and Talk
  • #17  Leading and Assumptive WINS
  • #18  Short Term Memory
  • #19  Knowledge Trap
  • #20  What, How, When vs. Why

Shot of Octane Sales Videos


According to studies, businesses that use referral marketing have a 70% higher conversion rate and report a 69% faster close on sales. Younger generations, especially, are more likely to buy if a product or service is referred to them through a trusted source. Referral marketing must be part of your sales plan.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Sales Management - Coaching

Small business owners typically understand how to manage someone in operations or administration, but struggle with managing sales professionals.  They don't know what their salespeople are doing, and have limited face-to-face time with them.

Learn how to manage, inspire, and hold your sales team accountable for peak performance.

  • Developing Great Questions
  • Successful Role Play with the Salesperson
  • Coaching using Positive Reinforcement

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Sales Management - Agreement and SMART Expectations 1 - 5

Sales Managers should use the SMART formula to ensure they are getting the most from their sales team.

Learn how to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented, Time-Sensitive expectations, gain Agreement from each member of the sales team, measure performance, and coach them to reach their goals.

This section includes getting Agreement on the Expectations, and the first 5 of the 10 SMART Expectations that the Sales Manager needs to set for the Sales Professional.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Sales Management - SMART Expectations 6 - 10

The second set of SMART Expectations that the Sales Manager needs to set for the Sales Professional.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Virtual Selling - Best Practices

Best practices for selling in a virtual environment.

Shot of Octane Sales Videos

Voicemail Messages

Sales professionals leave a lot of voicemails.  Often, those on the receiving end never listen to them or quickly forget what was said.  That's because you are not delivering the right message; a message that solicits what you really want -- a call back.  Learn how to not waste others' time or your own time on voicemails.